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Meet Miss Haze

Miss Haze is a solution engineer that is not only business savvy but an artist. When she is not casting away any and all your worries, she's performing spoken word poetry. She has studied architecture technology/graphic design at Ranken Technical College. Architecture didn't allow Miss Haze to create everyday but building a business excited her.  She loves seeing the passion in her clients as we reach their goals and achieve living their dream everyday.  

Miss Haze prides herself on taking away the client's worries but she values the belief she has in herself and her ambitiously disciplined clients. She wants to make sure everything is nice and easy. She asks all the necessary questions and makes sure we take all the necessary steps. Are you ready to take the leap? 


It means NO WORRIES...


What Clients Are Saying

“How'd you do this so fast? Thank you so much!”


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